Serta Perfect Sleeper

by Concierge Matcher on March 8, 2011

serta perfect sleeperMost people are of the opinion that inflatable air mattresses can only be used for the outdoors. However with the recent advancement in technology as well as the interest that these companies are showing in the inflatable mattress market segment, this is about to change. One company, which was by the name of Aerobed has already begun implementing the extended program to bring inflatable mattresses to your bedroom. The reason that these mattresses have not been popular in the recent times is because of the way the rubber which covers the outside of the mattress feels. Another reason which I think is pretty important after the failure of these mattresses to become replacements for traditional serta perfect sleeper mattresses is that nobody wants to give these mattresses up with air every two days.

The companies that are trying to make these mattresses not realize these factors and I began experimenting with a lot of different coatings for the mattress. Most of the new mattresses don’t feel like the rubber on the outside at all which is because they aren’t! What these mattresses actually are is that the article did with tenure of clothing on the outside which gives them the perception of being made out of cloth or fabric. That is why, I think that these mattresses are absolutely phenomenal for the bedroom! You can make them feel like anything you want. These mattresses also come with a special pressure gauge which allows you to measure also the mattresses. This device is invaluable in deciding what kind of pressure like for the mattress. The best thing about this device is that it allows you to change the pressure of the air inside the mattress decreasing or increasing its fluffiness. This choice is something that is simply phenomenal if you need to decide what is the best level of firmness that he would like to have in a mattress.

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