Selecting Curtain Panels

by Concierge Matcher on November 27, 2010

curtain fabricWhen selecting window coverings for your home you have several possibilities. Usually you will either select blinds or curtain panels, the other option is a combination of both. Using both is what will give you the most control over the amount of light that you allow into the house.  Normally blinds do a better jobs of blocking our light than curtains, but some made with a block out curtain fabric will work just as well.

If your primary concern is the esthetic value of your window coverings rather than light filtering, curtains alone will give you a more sophisticated look than blinds. You can further enhance the look of your curtains by choosing a distinctive curtain rod.

A way to make your windows look better if you are using curtains with a casing at the top is to add a valance or swag to hide the top of the curtains.  Valances  can be a great way to enhance a rather boring window, and to add style to the room.

Some popular curtains today are tab-top curtain panels. They look great with more decorative curtain rods as the rod will show between the tabs in a stylish manner.  Another type of curtain panel that does the same thing is one with grommets.  You simply thread the curtain rod through the grommets to hang the curtains.

Some people like a multi-layered look, this can be done by adding a sheer curtain panel under solid-colored curtains.  Tie-backs can be used to secure the curtains aside during the day.  Depending on the style of the window you can also use half sheer below the curtain.

French door curtain must be made differently and have casings at both the top and the bottom of the panels. They are often cinched at the center with a tie-back, giving them an hourglass appearance.  You might also use two panels on one door, with both cinched in the center, for a different effect.

As you can see there are many style of curtain panels for you to choose, and you will find that all these styles are available in many colors and curtain fabrics. The color of your walls and the furniture in the room as well as the ambiance you are trying to convey will determine the colors you should choose.  Choosing the right window dressings can really set off a well-decorated room and make it look even better.

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