Remedies to Stop Snoring

by Concierge Matcher on April 2, 2011

remedies to stop snoringMost people have never heard of a sleep laboratory. Well, sleep laboratory is used for determining how good your sleep is. Those who have trouble with sleeping or with breathing disorders during sleep have surely been interested in this solution, and some maybe even tried testing in one of these laboratories.

Normal patient who suffers from sleep apnea will sleep one or two nights in sleep laboratory. It is a dark, electrically isolated and often air-conditioned room in which machine monitors and logs all the body functions. Devices will process data as soon as it is collected, it will set diagnosis and determine treatment. Probes are set all over the body so it can detect brain power, muscle performance, hand and foot movement, heart rate and breathing, of course.
Sensors placed on the mouth and nose are there to get more information about breathing. After all measurements and data analysis are finished, doctor will prescribe treatment.

For mild symptoms, plastic prostheses will be enough, like sleep apnea dental mouthpiece that will make or adjust patient’s dentist. If this solution is expensive and ordinary mouthpiece can serve well and can be purchased for $25. Mouthpiece will serve as well as one of the remedies to stop snoring.

We recognize three sleep apnea stages, depending on severity of the disease.
1. Light form. Small number of respiratory arrest in one hour.
2. Moderate form. Symptoms are already clearly expressed, a number of respiratory arrest is generally between 10 and 20 in one hour.
3. Severe form of sleep apnea. Symptoms are severe, the number of respiratory arrest is more than 20 per hour.

Suggested treatment for moderate and severe forms of sleep apnea is CPAP device or surgical intervention for removal of excess tissue.
There are many makes and models of CPAP machines, price range from $200-$1000
Both are significantly more expensive than plastic prosthesis and mouthpiece.

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