Plastic Storage Bins Help In a Small Apartment

by Concierge Matcher on March 5, 2011

plastic storage binsI’ve lived in small apartments for years, and have tried everything I could think of to find more storage space when there just doesn’t seem to be anymore to be found. Space and storage are both luxuries in apartments like this, which means you’re going to have to put a little more effort into using them effectively.

This involves using some of the other furniture in your home as both storage and decoration. Decorative storage containers are my favorite, as they simultaneously add beauty to the room, and give you a convenient spot to hide extra books, knick knacks, or clothes. Picture an antique trunk in the living room of an apartment. Now imagine you designed the whole room around it – you chose colors that complemented it, you set it in a prominent spot in the room, and maybe you even duplicated the texture of the trunk in a painting on the wall. Now the room is going to look beautifully unique, something that your friends are going to be jealous of – and you can keep a lot of stuff inside that trunk too.

Sometimes you can’t be quite that creative though, and may need to just find extra hiding places for your stuff. If the closet is already full of clothes, perhaps you can fill some plastic storage bins full of things and hide them on top of the cabinets in the kitchen, or inside them on the higher shelves. Smaller plastic bins could hide underneath the couch or a chair in the living room. How about under the kitchen or bathroom sink even, or the bathroom closet? Plastic bins will keep everything inside safe and dry – a perfect combination for storage!

When storage is a luxury, you need to spend some time thinking it out. Get creative, either with the container or where you put it, and you should have no problem storing a lot more than you thought possible!

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