Pear Shaped Engagement Rings

by Concierge Matcher on March 29, 2011

pear shaped engagement ringsIf you have already decided to give your love and life to someone, the next important step is to give her something which would best signify such love. This is commonly expressed through an engagement ring. More often than not, you can have the engagement ring pictured on your mind but it is often very hard to pick one that you will be giving the girl you will marry.

If you are artistic and creative, you may want to consider giving her a customized engagement ring. This task is not as hard as you can think of. Nonetheless, before you proceed with the picture of a personalized engagement ring, you should first take note that the stone which you prefer as well as the setting which would be most suitable for the ring. Once these two factors are settled, you can now begin sketching your dream engagement ring for her. You can decide if you want one of the popular pear shaped engagement rings or one of the other many ring cuts available.

Before finally going to the more specific details, one of the things which are critical to consider is the material of the ring. You should be able to finally settle about what specific stone you will use, the number of the stones, and their size. The most popular option would most probably be diamond. However, do not limit your option and try exploring other choices such as opal, ruby, and sapphire.

The next thing you need to do is to choose a setting. This can be bezel, pave, or even channel or prong setting. The cushion cut engagement ring with halo is another unique style many couples admire. Aside from the setting and the stone, as you design the ring, you should also consider other features such as using white or yellow gold or even platinum if you prefer. Lastly, you should select the size and shape of the setting. The best choice for this is the one which could bring out the personality of the one who wears the ring.

To be able to bring into reality your personalized design, you also need to look for shops in which you can have all the materials and specifications of the ring. You should check and re-check what the manufacturer did with the ring to be assured that it was able to satisfy all the requirements of the design. Once you are satisfied with the ring, you can now proceed into giving it to the girl you will marry.

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