Online Dropshipper in Today’s World

by Concierge Matcher on March 28, 2011

online dropshipperA drop ship company is a retailer that does not keep a stock of the products that it sells, sometimes they do keep displays of the products so that the customers can check what they want to buy, but mostly they stick with catalogues and lists from which the customers can pick the products. The dropshipper just takes the order of the customer and sends it over to the manufacturer or the wholesaler which will be the one to send or ship he products. This also happens when a small retailer suddenly receives an order that is way beyond what it usually handles. That store then resorts to drop shipping, acting as a middle man for the process of selling to the customer. An online dropshipper also practices business in the same manner. Instead of a store, or a catalogue they use a website where a customer will be able to see the products that the company is selling. Websites like eBAy are doing great business using dropshipping. A dropshipper needs to ensure that there will be no direct connection between the customer and the wholesaler or manufacturer. The company must maintain its position as a middleman, since that is where it derives its profit. A dropshipper earns by adding a mark up on the manufactuer’s price to the selling price. That can be done by making sure that when the products are shipped it will bear no marking or indications on how to get in touch with the manufacturer or the wholesaler. Some dropshipper even goes as far as having their own labels and markings placed on each and every product shipped out to all of its customers. Dropshipping is fast becoming the way of doing business today, especially when online shopping is the most convenient way of buying things these days.

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