Oak Floors Add Elegance And Value To Your Home

by Concierge Matcher on November 22, 2010

solid oak flooringOak flooring can add to the beautiful décor of any home. Elegance, warmth and durability are what an oak floor has to offer, while giving your home an added value. These floors are perfect for the homeowners who do not have the time to care for carpets, have pets, children or just simply do not want carpets.

Once you have installed hardwood floors, you just will not be able to keep from showing them off. They are popular around the world for their durability and beautiful look. These floors are made from 100 plus year old trees to give the tree time to fully mature which allows the tension to be reduced. After they are cut, it will be five years before they are cut into planks, and then to dry completely another year is needed. To give them stability they are placed in a kin, and then crafted into a fashion making them ready to become flooring.

Samples can be seen at a flooring store in your location with your decision to use oak. Wide and regular oak are the sizes typically available. There are two options for the wide oak floors, which are engineered and solid oak flooring. Created from pure solid wood are the solid oak planks. Offering more durable and stability is engineered oak flooring. Either one has a very good look once it has matured.

Other options include white oak which is more resistant to fungi and harder than the red oak also available. Kitchens and bathrooms are usually constructed in white oak naturally. Reducing the potential to split, both of these two are protected with a high shock absorption feature.

You will be pleasantly surprised to find out how easy your oak wood floor is to maintain. Keeping it looking good is easy with a little weekly maintenance of sweeping. Over time, it will be essential that you protect the wood with specific protecting cleaning products.

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