New Parents: Buy Rocking Chairs And Get The Rest You Need

by Concierge Matcher on November 10, 2010

rocking chairExpecting parents and new parents are all in the same boat: they are constantly searching for all the help they can get for taking care of their infants, and they often find themselves overwhelmed by the glut of information out there, unable to retain everything they’ve come across. My wife and I were no exception, and we missed or discounted many things we were studying about child-rearing during the months leading up to and just past the birth of our baby girl. One of the things we discounted was the value of adding at least one rocking chair to our furniture collection.

Initially all we saw was the hefty price-tag on all the cushy rocking chairs and gliders at the baby stores. Because we were trying to keep our expenses to a minimum, we sort of thought we could get around the suggested advice that said we might need to buy a rocking chair for rocking our baby to sleep. How hard could it be, right? Then a couple months after delivery, we were unable to continue breast feeding our daughter and needed to switch over to full-time formula feedings. THIS in turn lead to our poor baby developing all sorts of digestive troubles, gassiness, colic, and tummy aches. The poor girl couldn’t sleep when she needed to, and my wife and I were left struggling to find a good solution to her troubles. We tried everything, and the only thing that seemed to work well was walking her around in circles while playing soft lullabies on my wife’s wind-up musical jewelry box.

This had an awful effect on me and my wife, we couldn’t sleep if we were walking around all night! It was truly exhausting, and we were too dazed and stressed to put careful consideration into how to find a better solution. Thankfully someone else suggested we get that rocking chair we had avoided early on. Genius! We actually got two; one of which we put in the nursery, and the other into the family room. They worked like a charm and saved our sanity. We saved quite a bit of money by going to a thrift shop instead of the expensive baby stores, and by choosing to buy rocking chairs that were just wood instead of decked out with fancy padding and cushions.

Every new parent and expecting parent needs to heed this advice! Take stock of finances and make cuts somewhere else. Do not avoid buying a rocking chair! Restless babies are best soothed by constant motion, and exhausted parents need a place to rest and even sleep while still comforting their newborn.

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