Monster High Books

by Concierge Matcher on April 9, 2011

monster high booksLast summer of 2010, Mattel has introduced to us a new line of toys. And these are your monster high dolls. In order to attract more sales, the monster high books were also released September last year. If you love to read and you love monster high, then you would definitely enjoy the book series as well. They are not like your other paranormal young adult books that have predictable plot and setting. The author, Lisi Harrison, was able to present the familiar plot of monsters living among humans in a unique and entertaining environment that tweens and teens will enjoy and be able to relate to.

The monster high book addresses the issues and challenges that teenagers face in a fun and spooky environment. The characters in the story are the teenage children of famous monsters and you will also be introduced to other characters. These teenage monsters face the same internal struggles that normal teenagers face. Aside from these internal struggles, which are all part of growing up, the teenage monsters also have to hide their uniqueness from others as well. Unlike the monster high animated series where the story is set in a world filled with monsters, the book’s setting is in the real world, particularly in the state of Oregon.

The monster high books are different from your usual paranormal young adult books. These books are suitable for teenagers and may even serve as an eye opener for adults. Teenagers will not only be able to relate to the challenges and issues that the characters are facing but they may also be able to learn lessons from them. The book comes in a complete package that would get teens addicted to this book. If you have read the first book, you should also watch out for the second book, which will be coming out this April 2011.

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