Make Your Own Tiki Torches

by Concierge Matcher on February 28, 2011

tiki torchesTiki torches are a great way to light up any backyard gathering.  As an added bonus, they can be used to repel pesky mosquitoes when you use citronella oil as the fuel.  If you are creative, you can make your own homemade tiki torches with just a few materials.  You can get instructions on how to make your own online through any of the various do-it-yourself websites.  These sites include informative articles as well as step-by-step instructional videos.  Once you choose a design and have your plans ready, you can gather your materials.  Some materials can be purchased at craft supply stores and home improvement stores.

A couple of popular simple designs for homemade versions are bamboo torches and wine bottle torches.  To create your own bamboo torches, you need some bamboo poles and baskets.  An inexpensive idea for the basket is a wicker planter.  If you are a gardening or plant enthusiast you probably have old wicker planters on hand that would be perfect.  To begin, simply cut a sharp angle at the end of your bamboo pole.  This will help plant it in the ground when it is finished.  Cut a hole the size of your bamboo rod on the bottom of your wicker basket.  Stick the rod through the hole and secure it in place with either hot glue or a strong adhesive.  The next things you will need are some fuel and sand.  It is recommended that you use some of the gel type fuel so that you have less chance of spilling.  Set the can of fuel in the basket, place sand around it to keep it from sliding, and you are ready to place your torch in the ground.

Another way to make homemade tiki torches is to use wine bottles.  You need to make sure that the bottles are completely empty and clean before starting.  For this type of torch, you will need buckets of sand, bottles, and some tiki torch fuel.  The number of buckets and bottles you will need depends on the number of tables you have and where you wish to use these patio lights.  Place buckets filled with sand on the tables where you want to display your tiki torches.  Then place one clean wine bottle in each bucket.  Fill the bottles with tiki torch oil and attach a long wick to the top of the bottles.  You may have to have some sort of coupling to hold the wick in place.  These couplings can be purchased at any hardware store.  When you have the wick in place, you are ready to light your torches.

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