Lists Of Food Rich In Protein

by Concierge Matcher on September 15, 2011

lists of food rich in proteinIf you cant afford protein powders and any kind of other supplement then you shouldn’t worry there are loads of people in that situation, supplements if your repeatedly buying them month after month can be expensive so there is no shame in saying you cant afford it by any means. There are ways around this issue though, what you have to do is to get your protein from food, it is a bit of a pain in the backside as taking up to 3 meals into work in lunchboxes can be a bit of a nightmare but it is a cheaper way of doing things and the protein found in food is more natural then protein supplements.

So if your looking for lists of food rich in protein the Internet is a good place to start from, there are lots of bits of information on there about creating a protein rich diet and getting the right amount of protein for you. I always choose a couple of meats such as chicken and pork as they are both high in protein and also easy to cook with and make meals out of, I always also choose tuna fish as this has one of the highest amounts of protein found in any food, mix it with pasta to get a high protein and high carb meal to get your ready for a workout.weight lifting gloves

Try hitting the supermarket and checking out the labels on the food as it will tell you if it is high in protein or not, try first looking at the food you wold normally buy and then some that you would not and see if you can create a weeks worth of meals out of that. Getting your protein from food is actually better and the only reason that we dont do generally is because we all lead busy life’s and it is far easier to get it from a drink. I’m off now to buy some new weight lifting gloves.

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