Interior Colors and Ideas Using Burgundy

by Concierge Matcher on November 28, 2010

casual interior colorInterior colors and ideas that use burgundy can be a little bit tricky. This is a very dominating color. It can look romantic but it can also be striking. This can really help expand your color palette.

One thing that you might want to consider is going with a really daring color choice for your couch. Chenille sofas in this color can seem elegant or traditional. However, it can become dated quickly. You’ll need to really neutralize the rest of your room with gray or taupe wall colors. Look for a curved back, wooden legs, and nailhead trim. The cushions should have a medium amount of stuffing in them. This works well in a living room or in a family room. It’s definitely going to be more classic than a basic black leather couch from your husbands’ bachelor days.

You can also be inspired by nature. Roses are a staple in floral design but you can really turn this into your interior design color palette. Use a lot of crystal accents such as chandeliers as well as candlesticks. This can mimic a crystal vase. This will help add richness into the room.

Take this into a country design direction. You can pair this with a denim couch. Then bring this in on your throw pillows. This is really an opportunity to go with an Americana kind of design theme as well as create a masculine color palette. You’ll need to use a casual interior color or a room color.

You can also take this into more of a modern design direction. Look at rich wood patterns. This is something that has really become quite popular. Instead of artwork people hang wood panels or install paneling on the walls. This is usually on one wall and it focuses on wood grain instead of a lot of grooves or molding.

Another option is to go with a Cordovan leather sofa. This brings in a rich burgundy color but it’s going to be one of the more traditional styles that you can find. In this case it’s important to go with classic elements such as rolled arms.

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