Innovations With Nike Shoes For Basketball

by Concierge Matcher on August 9, 2011

basketball shortsWell you have to give Dr James Naismith credit, I severely doubt that back in 1891 when he was thinking of a way to improve his students fitness during winter months, he ever would’ve imagined how big his invention would get. Of course the game that Naismith dreamt up by hanging peach baskets at the top of a 10 foot pole, has evolved into one of the worlds most popular sports of course I’m talking about basketball. Many changes have taken place during the development of the sport in fact in its original form the game was quite unrecognisable. For example there were no backboards and the baskets still had their bottoms, meaning the ball would have to be retrieved from the top of the Basket after each point was scored. The bottoms were eventually removed in order to improve the efficiency of the game, this change also increased the number of baskets that were scored as it reduced the amount of balls that simply bounced off the bottom of the basket.
If you were to look at photographs of the original basketball players compared to current NBA athletes again the differences in appearance are remarkable. This is mainly due to the revolution of the uniforms and footwear that are now used by modern day athletes, basically things are much more sophisticated in these modern times. Everything that you see a basketball player wear in the modern game is as a result of planning and sports science, take basketball shorts for example. The material used in basketball shorts is relatively lightweight and the design of the shorts means they are usually loose fitting and baggy, but this combination of factors including the small perforations within the fabric results in improved athlete performance. Lightweight materials mean that you are faster, the small perforations make the material more breathable, the combination of loose fitting and lightweight materials make shorts comfortable. Also in basketball because it is such an active sport you sweat a lot the combination of all the above factors, mean that less sweat is held in the material of the shorts which maintains its lightweight characteristic.
Other large innovations have been made in basketball footwear take for example Nike shoes for basketball, the largest innovation that has been made by Nike has been the inclusion of a Nike shoes for basketballrobust air pocket placed in the soul of their shoes. This design was first seen in their now iconic ‘Air force one’ shoe design, what this innovation allowed was for an athletes foot to experience less stress when landing after performing a jump shot or a slam dunk. This creation allowed Nike to capture some of the most lucrative basketball sponsorship deals the world has ever known. They still maintain the popular Jordan brand of clothing, made popular through Michael Jordan’s stunning abilities on the basketball court.

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