How to Lose Weight

by Concierge Matcher on March 31, 2011

how to lose weightWe often ask ourselves on how some celebrity women have their lean, silky smooth gorgeous legs? And wonder if they are genetically inborn or, Are there any secrets on how to have them, too?

Thighs are located between our hips and knees and it contains muscles which are called the inner and outer thighs.  Although not all women are born with a perfect leg shape, a toned muscle on thighs will really makes them beautiful, thus it will add more proportion to our body for a sexier look.

Today, thigh exercise is one top priority of a woman’s daily fitness goal yet another way on how to lose weight.  In order to have the legs you always wanted, a simple exercise at home will do. No need to go in a gym and pay more bucks for weight training.

First and foremost you have to be focus on whatever exercises you will do. By this, the result would be self-rewarding. Here are some quick tips on how to lose weight on thighs</strong> at home:

Do some lunges while waiting for your laundry at the machine tab. To do this, slowly bend your knees. Start with the right then the left side. You can put your arms on the hips or in front of you. Do this for 15 minutes. This exercise focuses on the inner muscle thigh for tighter and toned legs.

Leg swings. Stand with a chair; lift your right legs forward with a pointed toe. Extend your right arms resting on it. Then slowly swing the legs at the back to a hip height. Then bring them back from the start. Do the same process with the other leg. Spend 30 seconds for each leg. You can do this while watching your favorite TV show.

While lying at your bed, lift your heels and hips up with your feet wide flat on the floor and arms on the side. Do this for about 10 minutes. You can always perform this thigh exercise before going to sleep or before getting up. This will stretch your hip and thigh muscle.

Another best thing to lose weight on thighs is to eat a balance diet. Avoid salty, fatty foods. Rather go with a healthier one such as fruits and vegetables. There are different lots of foods which can help you burn fats. Always keep in mind that an overall weight loss is very essential for leaner toned legs.

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