How To Keep Small Closets Organized

by Concierge Matcher on November 16, 2010

 small closets organizationGetting the most out of small closets seems to be somewhat of a dark science. Some of us are actually pretty good at getting everything into the closets in a fairly neat and orderly fashion, but I think I can count on one hand how many people I know that can actually keep a closet system working optimally, without eventually ending up with closets crammed full to the rafters, where you can neither put anything more back, or find anything you actually need.  This part of small closets organization is the trickiest part. I am going to talk about how I approach this issue and give you some tips to keeping your small closets organized.

The first step you need to accomplish before you have any hope of keeping your closets organized is to get them to a state where they only hold as much stuff as you can see and access without having to unpack the entire closet.  This means that you need to clear out the closet, take serious stock of what is in your closet, and get rid of any old junk or rarely used items. You can give useful things away to your local church so they don’t just go to the landfill. At the same time that you are getting rid of things you don’t really need to store, you should re-organize the things that you are storing in each closet, so that you have a good system of what is stored where. This will make it easier to know where to find things, and where they should go back once you’re finished using them.

The next step to keeping small closets organized is to have a good shelving system that is designed to hold the type of things you are storing.  Some closets require a lot of short shallow shelves, other closets need hanging rods and hooks to organize things effectively. Whatever system you decide on, make sure that you can adapt and expand it later on, as closets will inevitably grow and evolve, as will the things you are storing.

Now that your closets have been weeded and organized, you need to keep a very serious eye on any changes to the contents of your closets. The place where most people take a downward turn to their organization efforts is not limiting the new stuff that they add to their perfectly balanced closets. It is unrealistic to think that you won’t have new things to add to your closets at some point or other. So the trick to  keeping your closet organizing system working well is to find something in your closet that you don’t need anymore and take that out. The old adage is “new things in – old things out”.  This could mean you take out the old thing that the new thing is replacing, or just finding something old that you never use any more. I find that this system helps me keep control over the total amount of things that I own, and also keeps me from acquiring too much stuff that I can really do without.

I hope this has given you some inspiration to get your closets under control, even those of you who feel you don’t have enough storage space.  If you plan it properly and put some effort into your closets on an on-going basis, then even small closets can stay organized.

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