Horse Rugs Provide Protection

by Concierge Matcher on April 9, 2011

horse rugsHorse fanciers know that horse rugs are an important part of the arsenal of things to keep their horses comfortable and healthy. The weather affects horses much in the same way it does humans. Before buying horse rugs be sure to give thought to the climate and conditions you will be dealing with. There are several types of rugs for the different applications.

Lets start with the fleece rug. The fleece rug is a porous rug that lets moisture pass through and is used after heavy physical activity. This rug keeps him from cooling off too fast on a winter day.

Then there is the stable rug, which is used to keep your horse warm while indoors in the winter. Because of varying winter conditions stable rugs are found in many different weights. If your weather changes a great deal you may need more than one rug. Neck covers are available for stable use in really cold weather.

Turnout rugs are used when your horse is outside the stable. These rugs come in many weights and styles so more consideration is needed in choosing one. The main thing is that the rug should keep your horse warm and dry. State of the art rugs are now lighter, rain proof, and quite warm. Be sure that the rug you choose has good straps to pull the rug tight around the belly area and that the front and rear of the rugs stay closed.

If you live in a really cold climate you may opt for a New Zealand rug, which is heaviest rug of all. Another way to go about doing it is to buy several lighter rugs and put them on in layers. You can adjust for the temperature by using fewer or more rugs.

During the summer months a different type of rug will be needed. This one is called a flysheet. It protects against flies and other pesky insects during the warmer months. The rug is made of a light mesh that repels insects but allows good airflow.  For extreme conditions a neck cover and even a full head cover can be purchased.

These are some of the basic generic types of rugs you may want to consider for your equine friend.

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