Home Remedies For Pimples

by Concierge Matcher on April 2, 2011

home remedies for pimplesThere are any number of causes for pimples. It might be oily cosmetics, various medications, birth control pills, pregnancy or simply a poor diet that one pays no attention to. The fact of the matter is though, that in young adults the primary cause is hormones. These hormones, particularly in the span of one moving into adulthood, bring on these different blemishes to the skin. There is no question that young folks are certainly more susceptible to these skin problems and issues than are adults.

Although this is an issue that many young folks deal with, it is not an issue that must continue forever. Anyone suffering with pimples must put forth every effort they might to help deal with the problem. In many cases, they should be exploring the benefits of different home remedies for pimples that can offer a positive effect. There are a number of tested and proven ways available to help clear up the problem and show how to get rid of pimples in twenty four hours or less.

Turmeric and Coriander powder

Just a few teaspoons of these two items joined together will quickly form a paste. This paste should then be placed on the various affected areas before retiring for the night. In the morning upon awakening, one should rinse their face thoroughly. These products have different healing properties that will help to remove the blemishes. There is no doubt that one will notice significant progress within twenty four hours, but continued use will provide even further improvements.

Cucumber Face Treatment

It sounds crazy, but if a person will grate the outside of a cucumber and apply the remaining mush to the face for fifteen minutes or so two or three times each day, they can expect to see some positive results, as soon as a period of two or three weeks. It is important that they remember to rinse the face thoroughly at the conclusion of the treatment.

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