Heartgard Plus Best Price

by Concierge Matcher on March 31, 2011

Heartgard Plus best priceThe best choice for heartworm treatment today is the Heartgard Plus. You may find a lot of other heartworm treatment in the market, but still, pet owners choose Heartgard Plus over other brands. You can never find another drug that is as effective as this medicine. This is a product of a company that has been recognized worldwide, Merial. This medicine is previously known as Heartgard. But since the medicine has been improved and Merial has added more benefits to the drug, it is now called as such.

The new improved drug comes in a chewable tablet. This form allows the pet owners to administer the medication with ease. Gone are the days when pet owners and dogs struggle just to administer a dose. The yummy beef flavor on each tablet is indeed quite irresistible to dogs. Each dogs being treated willingly takes a dose. Since it is a chewable tablet, you’ll need to encourage your dog to chew. You can do this by giving the heartworm tablets along with dog treats every time you give a dose to your dogs. Mixing it with dog food is a pretty good idea too.

Most of the pet medicines today are given only once a month. It’s the same with the Heartgard. But it is advised that it should be given all throughout the year to ensure that the drug stays effective. Skipping particular seasons, like the winter, is highly discouraged. The drug may not be as effective as it should be once you skip some months.

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