Green Tea Skin

by Concierge Matcher on April 5, 2011

Green Tea Skin Besides internal benefits, green tea has also healthy skin benefits. And now it is possible to find many products in beauty market and skin care market with green tea extract. But don’t let you go, when you see written green tea on the product. It’s not always true, what is says, but unfortunately people don’t check what are they buying and they just buy. In store keepers likes this, that why they put on the products all sort of convincing words, to make you buy, even if the product don’t have the quality which is promised.

As there is difficult to find a genuine green tea skin product, we have decided to give you a little help, what you should be careful and what to check on the product before you buy it.

To get beneficial effect from green tea skin products, there should be a substantial amount of concentration of green tea in the product. From 50 to 100 micrograms per ml should be ok, to rejuvenate the skin cells. You should find this information on the label. A good hint is also to check if green tea extract stays on the top of the label. This can also mean, that there is enough green tea in the cream.

On the label you will also find other ingredient, which are composing green tea product. You will not get good results from green tea cream , if it is mixed with inappropriate ingredients. Ingredients, such as formaldehyde, harsh detergents, and penetrating chemicals are not good for green tea skin products, so you should avoid them.

It makes easier, if you know the purpose why you buy green tea cream. White willow, calendula will help you combat acne, aloe vera, meadowsweet is excellent for irritated complexion, while pomegranate extracts are good for youthful skin.

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