Getting to Know the Twin Gear Juicer

by Concierge Matcher on November 18, 2010

twin gear juicerNowadays, there are definitely a lot of different devices that blend or juice fruits and vegetables.  Most people would have just the concept of a blender if they are to be given a description based on its function.  But there have already been several turns and deviations and more specific machines have been invented.  Distinct juicers have been created to be separated from the shadow of the blender, and among the subtypes of juicers available, there is something known as the twin gear juicer.

By far, this type is considered the best among the others because of a healthier resultant “living” juice.  As its name clearly states, operation is manipulated by twin gears, as opposed to other common juicers and blenders that work with blades.  The primary juicer concept is to grind fruits and veggies and come up with an apparently healthy glass of whatever has gone through its rotors.  To make your juices even healthier, mix in a spoonful of chlorella algae at the end as well.   What most people do not know is that the high-speed crushing process causes more deterioration in terms of nutritional elements.  People are lead to believe that the juice that comes out from juicers is sated with all the original nutritional values, but this is not always the case.  The heat brought about by the friction during the crushing mechanism under a very fast speed allows for oxidation, which then destroys almost all the essential enzymes in a fruit or vegetable.

Remember that the healthiest portions lie beneath the skin and are intertwined between its minute fibers, and there is this notion that a device working at a very high speed is more capable of producing healthier liquids.  But this concept is actually misleading, and that is the target of twin gear juicers:  to really come up with healthier juice drinks under precision control.  Their slow mechanism assures you a product that is indeed stuffed with almost the same amount of nutrients that a healthy solid celery stick or wheatgrass originally contains.

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