Getting a Good Sofa Slip Cover

by Concierge Matcher on November 15, 2010

Sofa Slip CoverThe sofa slip cover is a versatile and practically essential item for your living room. It serves two purposes decorative and protective. It can highlight your sofa with a well-chosen design, as well as help your sofa to blend in if you decide to change the rooms dcor or flooring. Whats more, it can protect your sofa from early damage and minor spills or stains.

In choosing a good sofa slip cover, there are three considerations the material, washability, and color. The material needs to withstand some abuse from frequent sitting, pets or from children. Good choices include denim, canvas, cotton or linen. As for washability, it helps if the cover can easily be put in the washing machine. This means denim or cotton. However, if you really prefer linen or other non-machine washable material, then you need to have convenient access to a professional cleaner. Lastly, the best choices for colors are those that you can easily mix and match, to give you variety throughout the year.

There are many brands as well as designs of sofa slip covers. There is the Soft Suede Sofa Slipcover, which are inexpensive, looks like suede, but can easily be machine washed. There is also the Surefit Sofa Slipcover, which uses a chenille yarn that imparts luster and color. It also has a clean construction and a sleek look. However, it does need to be dry cleaned. For more casual designs, there is the Household Casual Style 3 Seat Sofa Slipcover, a quick and easy way to change the sofas look.

Whatever the brand or style, be sure to follow the tips above to ensure you are getting a quality sofa slip cover. And while youre at it, you may want to complement the overall look of the room by getting leather recliners. It can serve as another highlight to your living room or small office, as well as provide you with more comfort.

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