Futon Mattress Reviews

by Concierge Matcher on March 30, 2011

futon mattress reviewsIf you live in an apartment in the inner city you probably find that space is at a premium and you need to find ways of conserving space using smart solutions with appliances and furniture. Nowadays with appliances you can get mini ovens and mini-dishwashers; unfortunately with beds we still need then to big enough to provide a comfortable night’s sleep but futons are a great way that we can save space. Reading a few mattress reviews online will show you how a futon can be a cost-effective and space-efficient way to create an extra bed in your apartment for a guest.

Futons were traditionally just cotton mattresses that could be rolled up when not being used. Since the 1960′s in the US they have normally been used with frames so that the sleeper is raised off the floor, but the real breakthrough was with the great invention of the frames that could be designed as a bed or as a sofa – then we had the birth of the sofa-bed which has been a blessing for so many apartment-dwellers to this day.

Over the years of course the design of both the frame and the mattress has evolved but the basic principals remain. Nowadays there are thicker and more comfortable mattresses made of different materials, as well as many more choices of covers that can give you the look you want for your futon. Check some of the many online futon mattress reviews for the latest information.

Another great way to save space is to choose the bedding for your futon so that it will pack easily away into a closet when you are using the futon as a sofa. A cheap bed in a bag will do a great job in this situation and you can pick these up at all good bedding retailers.

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