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by Concierge Matcher on April 1, 2011

free cell phone trackingDo you know what Facebook Places is? If you own an iPhone, maybe you should learn now, because you might be interested to use it. I have been using it for a while and I must say, it’s quite fun. A great way to stay even more connected with friends through this well known social networking website, even from your cell phone.  Now Facebook is also a free cell phone tracking app as well!

Facebook Places is a feature that Facebook makes available for its users. The Facebook application you need on your iPhone has to be the latest one in order for you to have access to using Places. This feature basically allows you to post your location on your Facebook page. The reason for doing this can be important if you want your friends to easily find you when you’re out somewhere. There can be certain places in your city where you can “check in” from your account. This way, if any of your friends are in the area and they want to meet up with you, they will know where to find you. Also, if you hang out with more people somewhere at a restaurant, theater or any other place, you can all post the same location by tagging each other. You can share your location or you can keep it for yourself. Everything can be managed from the privacy settings. You can even choose who is able to see your locations and who isn’t. Another option you have is always being excluded from “People Here Now”, which is the area where everyone who is logged in Facebook Places in a certain place appears.

The best thing about Facebook Places phone tracker is that although it can let your entire friend list see your location at the time you check in Places, you also have full control over it.

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