Floating Candle Centerpiece

by Concierge Matcher on March 30, 2011

floating candle centerpieceAre you looking for a relatively inexpensive – but still fun and interesting – way to jazz up your parties? One way to do it might be to add some floating candles to the affair. There are lots of easy ways to integrate these simple but tasteful decorative elements to whatever event you happen to be hosting.

For example, let’s say you’re having a formal dinner. Maybe you are hosting your spouse’s business partners for appetizers and drinks and a main meal. Whether you’re cooking yourself or having it catered, you still want to ensure that the table is elegant and appealing. Consider a floating candle centerpiece. Use a glass (crystal is better if you have it) bowl and fill it with water. Put some decorative beads or sea glass on the bottom. Perhaps you want to set a few mint leaves afloat on top.

Then add a few candles – rose-shaped, perhaps. Light them and watch how the room is transformed. Dinner at home becomes the equivalent of dinner at a high end restaurant. A floating candle can really impact a room’s ambiance!

Or you might be doing something a bit more casual. Maybe your son or daughter is graduating from high school and you want to throw them a post graduation party. That’s the opposite of a black tie meal between adults! This is more of a frisbees flying, hot dogs roasting and music blaring type of party.

But you can still add a snazzy touch by putting some floating candles in the pool. Are they likely to go out every time someone does a cannonball? Absolutely. Are they still going to lend the twilight a nice soft glow, reminding everyone that behind the fun a life milestone is being celebrated? Yes, they are.

Keeping a supply of candles that float is always a good idea. They are suitable for just about any type of gathering you can imagine, giving all your social occasions a little extra boost!

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