Flex Belt Review

by Concierge Matcher on April 7, 2011

flex belt reviewThe thing about flat and sexy abs is that everybody just wants to have them. This is because they contribute significantly to one’s physique; making one look very attractive. However the process of getting fabulous abs does not come easy. Many have tried and many have failed. A lot of factors may contribute to this failure; some people don’t have the time, some people don’t have the energy. Mothers who have just given birth and people with disabilities will also find it hard and painful to work out. If you somehow share these sentiments, or if you just want to get those tight abs minus the pain and extra effort, then you should get Flex Belt. Read this flex belt review to get to know more about the product.

With the flex belt, you don’t need to be in pain anymore. You also don’t need to sacrifice your time working out. Just wear the belt and go on with your daily activities. Watch TV, work in the office, walk around the mall or do your household chores; just put the belt on and wait for the results! You don’t even need a special diet to keep the results coming! It is recommended to go on a well-balanced diet and exercise regularly but with the flex belt alone, the results will readily come. How much more if you put in a little bit of effort to complement the wonderful effects the belt gives you?

Being the first EMS (Electric Muscle Stimulation) belt approved by the FDA, the flex belt boasts a number of features. It has a 1-100 intensity range, allowing you to adjust the strength of the stimulation. You may feel that your abs get stronger and more defined with every use. All you need is to wear this product for 30 minutes per 5 days a week and the results will come in just two weeks! Not only that, this product also exercises your oblique muscles giving you that well-rounded six-pack abs!

The product’s three built-in medical-grade soft gel pads do the job of working your muscles. These pads touch the external oblique and central abdominal muscles and electric signals that are passed through them stimulate the muscles in contact to contract and relax alternately. As a result, the muscles are worked out and they become toned and firm as time passes by.

When you wear the flex belt, you will fell gentle pulsations that will make your abdominal muscles react by tightening up. This should not feel uncomfortable but the moment discomfort sets in, you can always adjust the intensity of these pulses. Better yet, start from lower ranges and work yourself upwards with every use. In no time, your stronger abs will be able to handle the higher intensity! Also, you need not wear special clothes when using this device. Just wear your typical clothing over the belt, and strut your thing while the flex belt works your abs secretly beneath those clothes.

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