Finding The Perfect Toilet For You

by Concierge Matcher on November 23, 2010

dual flush toilets When it comes to our basic needs, we always give it the highest priority. The bathroom is considered as one of the most important places inside our home, especially the toilet which serves as a “place of comfort” for most of us. Most of us usually see the toilet as a device which requires little or no maintenance, but like others items inside the house, constant use can lead to wear and tear which can eventually take effect on the toilet’s efficiency.

Today since the go green philosophy has become popular dual flush toilets have been the in thing, dual flush toilets have different water usage based on whether liquids or solids are being flushed.  The level one flush for liquids uses significantly less water, saving you money.  Another popular toilet are elongated toilets, they are more comfortable and give a richer look to your bathroom space.

In choosing a toilet, it is a wiser choice to be focused more on the toilet’s function than appearance. It is also important to remember that an expensive toilet does not mean it performs better. Also, check the area where the tank attaches to the bowl of the toilet, a diameter of nearly 2.5” is usually preferred in providing an effective flush. It can be further improved if the tank is higher from the ground as this tends to give more water pressure compared to “floor sitting tanks”. Shape of the toilet is also an important factor to be considered as buyers usually get to choose between “comfort or space?”

It is also important to provide maintenance to the toilet. The most prevalent problem concerning the toilet is a decrease in the force of the flush. The most common culprit for this problem is simply a clogged pipe, which can easily fix by means of a plunger. If the flush is still weak after being plunged, the problem is due to the toilet’s suction. This can be checked by simply viewing the water level inside the tank where a low water level means poor flushing power. If the water level is fine, the problem is due to a clog in the toilet’s rinse holes located just under the rim. This is usually solved by means of a toilet bowl cleaner.

Maintenance is simply the key in preserving the toilet bowl we decided to place in our homes.

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