Electrical Safety Test Equipment

by Concierge Matcher on April 12, 2011

electrical safety test equipmentWhen using electric powered hand tools the safety of all the users of the tools has to be paramount. Discount online suppliers of Makita spares parts can be found using some Google searching within minutes saving you money, but are the parts safe? When repairing your tools with parts that may have a unknown origin you should think carefully before getting out the credit card. Or you might find a use for the electrical safety test equipment in the workshop.

Authorized parts from an authorised dealer will be the only way to get a valid warranty from Makita. The Makita web site for your region will be place that you can for sure see if the online retailer is authorised by Makita Power Tools. A list of authorised dealers will be on the site somewhere for you to check against your search findings for Makita drill spares. Parts sourced from a different region of the world could have different specifications and you will be required to not use those parts.

These rules exist for a couple of reasons important to the manufacturers. They are losing trade and revenue if you buy elsewhere instead of from them. Only natural that once they have you as a customer they want to keep you as a customer, after sales service included. Secondly, having legal action taken agains you is something to be avoided when people are becoming more like to go to court now. Death and injury are possible from power tools if something goes wrong. Makita will not wish to be liable for problems caused by a third party manufacturer in one of their tools. They will lessen their responsibility legally, covering their backs by stating that only authorised parts can be used.

The Name Plates On Makita Tools And What They Mean

Unless the name plates have the proper Makita name plate identification, don’t buy from those sources. If there has been an accident and the tool has un-authorised parts then you can forget about making a claim. Wriggling out of legal or insurance responsibilities can be done easier by them if you are using Makita spare parts that are not of the proper standard.

Makes sense to be careful with buying Makita chainsaw spares or spares for Makita drills. Whatever the brand of the tools that you own, use or repair, take the same approach to safety. On the tool name plates there are tick marks that have a meaning and approval numbers for electrical articles, country dependent. Makita power hand tools will be safer in your hands when you are working if you have the approval ratings and numbers on the name plates.

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