Does Alcohol Kill Brain Cells

by Concierge Matcher on April 5, 2011

does alcohol kill brain cellsDo you believe in the alcohol zombie myth? If you are now aware of what this myth entails, it is about the question of: does alcohol kill brain cells? Even in this day and age of rapid information technology and communications interchange, many people still actually believe in this long debunked urban legend. While thanks to inspiring TV documentaries that attempt to expose some myths such as that of spontaneous human combustion through excessive alcohol intake, some myths have been debunked forever, others, such as the myth of alcohol killing brain cells, still persist to this day.
If you are one of the believers of the alcohol zombie myth, then you should get your facts straight before you waste any time worrying about this myth. The truth of the matter is that alcohol can actually help to stimulate the brain cells if taken in moderate amounts. If you are curious as to what constitutes a moderate amount, the recommended dosage as far as alcohol content and concentration are concerned is one eight-ounce bottle of beer per hour. Any more than this is already considered excessive intake. But does this mean that your brain cells will die? Not likely. The fact is, however, that chronic alcohol abuse can indeed facilitate the development of diseases that attack the brain cells, which may be where the myth stems from. Of course, pure alcohol will also kill brain cells as well as almost any other type of cell. In any case, who in their right mind would drink non-drinkable alcohol? Anyone who does this must clearly have a death wish.
There are, however, some very real dangers associated with alcohol. One of these is the condition known as alcohol withdrawal syndrome. The withdrawal symptoms of alcohol can strike all levels of alcohol drinkers and it is important to gain awareness of these symptoms in order to ensure your safety and that of your family members. A person undergoing alcohol withdrawal syndrome should be calmed down with the help of drug treatment to prevent him from inflicting injury on himself and others.

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