Discovering The Best Way to Quit Smoking

by Concierge Matcher on March 26, 2011

best way to quit smokingIf you wish to quit smoking but you are not really sure how to do it there are many ways to go about it. The best way to quit smoking would be to talk to your doctor and ask for his or her advice on what you should do. They can go over the many different ways that you can go about quitting and also make sure that you are in good enough health to try certain methods as some of the ways can be very risky if you have health issues or if you are a pregnant female.

While there may be some risks and side effects to some of the methods of quitting, you have to look at the bigger picture. Not quitting is worse than the side effects ever could be. Keeping with the cigarettes will lead to many problems later on in life such as emphysema or lung cancer to name but a few of the problems you can have. You can also experience depression and or heart attacks.

These are all very serious problems to take in mind when contemplating on wither you should quit or not. Talk to your doctor about the risks of smoking as compared to the risks of quitting with help, just remember that talking to your doctor is the best way to quit smoking.

A doctor can prescribe cigarette replacement therapies such as pills or a patch that will help ease the withdrawal symptoms that most people feel when they decide to quit. You can quit cold turkey but this method is a lot harder to do and you are sure to have bad withdrawal symptoms such as sweating and cold like symptoms as your lungs begin to clear up. You may also suffer from headaches and intestinal disorders as a result of quitting cold turkey. These symptoms however will not last and will eventually go away as your body rids itself of the harmful substances within it.

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