Disadvantages Of Pine Furniture

by Concierge Matcher on March 28, 2011

pine furnitureWith the advantages of pine furniture being at the forefront, there still exist a number of downsides to them. These are mostly related to the type of wood that is used to make the furniture.

For those that do not only love this type of furniture but they also enjoy the pieces in their rustic form, the areas of use may be limited. In this case for example, the rustic pine furniture cannot be used in areas like the patio or in open backyards. The reason for this is that this rustic furniture will not be able to last long under the changing environmental conditions of moisture and heat. The furniture in its natural and unpolished state is only recommended for use in indoor home settings and those that would love to enjoy it in an outdoor surrounding may not be able to do so.

Also related to the response of rustic pine furniture to sudden temperatures changes is the fact that pieces such as drawers may become less efficient say in the instance of shrinking of the wood. Where there has been a high level of heat that is exposed to these furniture pieces, then the drawers will no longer fit in the originally measured spaces thus making the entire unit less functional.

Maintenance of pine furniture can at times be inconveniencing and tasking since the pieces need to be polished with wood veneer or wax every so often. This can especially be demanding for furniture that is used often for example dining tables and office chairs. Even though per session cost of polishing may be low, the continuous process may amount to large fees for the furniture user.

This type of furniture is also disadvantageous because it cannot be used in some rooms for example in children’s bedrooms. This is because it requires the utmost care in terms of handling and the scratching or denting of the pieces can lead to the damage of the entire bed, table, or chair. Constant worrying over the furniture’s damage limits the different types of users that can enjoy it.

With pine furniture, there is the disadvantage of easy weathering out of the pieces; this is especially for the rugged type that is left in its natural state. This weathered look comes from the sensitive nature of the type of wood that is used whereby the minimal contact say of a hot mug can leave permanent circle markings. With this fact comes the knowledge that this type of furniture has to be changed or painted to cover up the flaws thus limiting the enjoyment of its natural shade.

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