Deviated Septum Surgery Recovery

by Concierge Matcher on April 5, 2011

deviated septum surgery recoveryThere are common medical conditions that we tend to ignore and not make too much of. This usually happens if the said condition is not so bothersome, meaning it is not painful at all or provides any form of discomfort. It could also be that there might be some very minor pain but is not enough to affect one’s usual activities. There are cases however, when the condition might start out as something that’s not too serious at all, but could develop into a more dangerous situation. In such cases, it is probably more prudent to correct it even in its early stage so that it would no longer escalate into a bigger problem later on. A
deviated septum
is one such medical condition.

Deviated septum refers to the displacement of the wall within the nose which serves to separate the two nasal cavities to the left and right side. This thin wall which is located right at the center is called the nasal septum and the deviation that makes one passage smaller is actually pretty common among most people. It is usually the result of injuries, some quite severe, while others are not even so noticeable that it doesn’t really hurt. In such cases, the person with the deviated septum does not really feel it.

The usual way to correct the condition would be for the affected person to undergo surgery. In order to widen the passage that has been affected by the deviation, cartilages and some soft bones are removed from the nasal septum. It could be considered a relatively simple procedure that usually takes an hour or two to complete. The deviated septum surgery recovery usually takes around a couple of weeks to about a little under a month. For a full recovery from the surgery, it is important to remember that extreme care must be taken not to rub the nose or try to remove the dressing that has been applied to it. If that is followed, expect a normalization of the nose’s condition.

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