Common Electrical Mistakes You Can Ask from Expert Electricians

by Concierge Matcher on November 22, 2010

Expert ElectriciansWorking with electricity is never recommended to be performed by common homeowners as this task is something that has a high level of danger, so it is a lot safer to just hire professional electricians to do the installing or checking of home wirings and fixtures. Although some jobs are simple and can be done by a handy man, it is strongly encouraged that the help of a professional be sought. This will ensure that the job is done perfectly, and it will also prevent the occurrence of some common electrical mistakes.

One common mistake that can be committed by any person lacking knowledge on the job is using the wrong size of wires and cables. Electric wires are of varying sizes or “gauge” that tells how and where the wires should be used. Using the wrong wires can cause short circuits or overheating, so they should be used according to proper amperage rating. Also, outlets and switches fixed incorrectly can be a cause of arcing and overheating. Novice homeowners can create faulty connections of electrical boxes, which can be fire hazards.

Electricians also identify incorrect fuse replacement and connections as a common mistake when taking wiring installation as do it yourself. Homeowners think that a blown fuse or a tripping breaker can just be replaced by a bigger fuse or breaker. This misconception is a possible cause of overheating in the wires. In replacing, the connections should be tight and placed correctly. Loose connections can cause appliances and light to cut short or flicker, which can then lead to overheating in the long run.

Another common mistake is putting a bulb with wrong wattage in the socket. Unmatched bulb wattage connected to the wrong socket requirement will result to overheating of the bulb, breaking, or getting on fire. This mistake can be prevented by simply looking for the wattage limit next to a socket and using only the appropriate bulb for it.

If you are not sure that you can accomplish electrical related tasks on your own, it is best to hire the services of qualified professionals, such as an Atlanta electrician or Houston electrician, so as not to risk the safety of your family and compromise the quality of your home electrical system.

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