Cleaning Wedding Ring Sets For Bride And Groom

by Concierge Matcher on August 14, 2011

chocolate diamondsChoosing the exact right set of wedding rings is the hard part; now all you need to do to keep those wedding ring sets looking beautiful is to properly clean them once in awhile. Always make sure the cleaning method you use is appropriate for the type of gemstones in at your rings. Yellow and chocolate diamonds, as well as most other colored gemstones can be safely cleaned with the method described below, but rings with aquamarines, emeralds and pearls in them should not be cleaned in this manner.

You can easily and quickly get all of your jewelry clean if you do them together with your wedding ring sets for bride and groom. You will first need to gather a few things before you start. You will need several soft cotton towels, a small soft brush, your favorite jewelry cleaning solution, and if you have one, a jewelry cleaning machine.

The first thing you should do is close the drain plug of the sink you will be using. Place one of the towels in the bottom of the sink to cushion it. Put enough cleaning solution in the bottom of the machine to cover all jewelry that will be cleaned. Gently place the jewelry in the machine and turn it on. Let the machine vibrate for the amount of time specified in the instructions for your particular machine. After that time has elapsed, remove the jewelry, and look at it closely to see if any dirt or debris remains. If so, use the soft brush to remove it. Rinse the jewelry in warm clear water and place it on one of the towels to dry. Remember to let the jewelry dry completely before placing it in any storage ring sets for bride and groom

Cleaning wedding ring sets is very easy as you can see. By just following the steps above once in awhile you will make sure that your rings will be shining clean and will look beautiful each and every day.

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