Choosing From The Different Types of Roman Shades

by Concierge Matcher on February 9, 2011

types of roman shadesThere are as many designs and styles of roman shades as there are candies in a candy shop. There are as many different types of roman shades as Snow White’s dwarves. So how then can you choose what is right for you amongst all the different combinations possible?

First, you are going to have to decide on the following: what look do I want for my room? Do I want light to filter in partially or do I want to make sure that no light enters the room? Am I willing to spend a lot of money on roman shades? Now your answer to these would vary, but here are some things to help you decide which one you should buy. You should know that all the roman shades, no matter what material they’re made from or no matter what design or shape they are created to be, they all serve the same function and more or less they work the same way. They keep the sunlight out, they keep the UV rays out and they allow air to circulate in between them.

Then go and look for what type of shade suits your aesthetic palate, whether they are flat roman shades, which is the standard type. You can also go for the roll up shades, which as the name implies, neatly tucks away at the top, should you decide to let the sun in for a while. Thermal roman shades serve the purpose of preventing heat from penetrating the home in addition to it preventing UV radiation and sunlight from entering through the windows. Hobble roman shades on the other hand are a classic type; they look neat and elegant as well as being functional and adding a certain feel to the room.

Whatever type you choose or whatever design you pick, always keep in mind that they are of the same function and they will do their job so as long as you install them properly and care for them every so often. The roman shade is not only functional but they too add a touch of class to any window in any room of the house.

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