Bathroom Color Ideas – Achieve the Classic Look in your Bathroom

by Concierge Matcher on October 28, 2010

Bathroom Color Schemes

You can easily recreate the feel of an old Italian villa using easy to achieve paint effects with the rightand character-ful fittings. With sun baked-browns, olive greens and wooden shutters, all you would need is a ray or two of Tuscan sunshine to complete the picture.

Try earthy terracotta on the walls and rich reddish-brown floor tiles to create a warm glow, especially when bathed in sunlight from any of the windows. Temper the heat by a mix of cool but traditional greens, from deep jades to soft olive. You can use these colors on bathroom furniture or woodwork if you room has any. Add a terracotta color wash to give the walls an natural, textural appearance. For paint effects, apply a pale color, such as cream, and leave to dry. Then dilute a terracotta shade with water until you get the strength you want, and apply using a wide brush and crisscross strokes. You can easily create a distressed effect on any wood paneling and shutters to evoke an air of faded grandeur. First paint the wood with a terracotta shade, then rub candle wax over areas that might suffer wear, such as panel edges. Add a coat of light green, then, when dry, rub back with wire wool to expose patches of the base coat.

Any sanitary ware that looks as if it has a history would sit well in a classic bathroom. Add a farmhouse style sink, and decorate it by spraying ivy leaves. The style would fit in perfectly with the classic country look, and a wood-clad cistern would give the toilet and individual look.  Add shutters to give the room a continental appearance. Dress your window with solid panels that fold back neatly to let in maximum light. This type of cheap home decor works really well as it is key to work with colors when trying to achieve a certain look in your rooms.

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