Cheap Contract Deals Available on a New HTC Mozart

by Concierge Matcher on April 4, 2011

cheap contract deals available on a new HTC MozartIf you are a lover of Windows technology and Smart phones, and are looking for a way in which to combine the two, then HTC could have the answer for you. Many people doubted the ability of Windows 7 technology as an operating system for smart phones, but once again, Windows have produced a great quality product that receives only good feedback.

HTC have teamed up with Windows and Windows 7 technology, 3 of their models of Smartphone now coming with Windows 7 as standard. One of these three models is the HTC 7 Mozart, a sleek and modern looking handset which really is set to impress.

The HTC 7 Mozart runs on a 1GHz processor making browsing fast and easy as well as having an impressive 3.7 inch screen for great navigation. If you are looking to combine a great multimedia device with Smartphone technology and ultimate browsing, then the impressive 8MP camera featured in the HTC 7 Mozart could definitely be the choice for you. The Mozart 7 from HTC also has an impressive eight or more hours talk time and an outstanding two week battery life in stand by mode.

The Mozart from HTC is in the middle bracket both for size and price when compared with other HTC handsets. With the introduction of the Mozart from HTC, the Taiwanese giant are aiming at providing the customer with a Smart phone that is both elegant and functional. The start screen is a tile design, which can lead you to your favorite applications in just seconds, making this Smart phone form HTC perfect both for business as well as entertainment and multi media.

There are now some incredibly cheap contract deals available on a new HTC Mozart. Just check with your service provider or better yet, compare all available deals to make sure you the lowest offer available at present.

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