Cheap Closet Organizers On A Budget

by Concierge Matcher on February 7, 2011

cheap closet organizersAre you reluctant to organize your closet because of the expense involved?   Don’t be.   Spend some time researching online and you will be surprised at how many cheap closet organizers you can find. If you develop a plan beforehand and decide how to maximize use of the closet you can save money and time. Efficient planning will also involve deciding on the pieces you don’t want or need.  There is no use wasting money on a shelf or basket that does not fit into the closet.

Things To Consider


Do you live in a four season area?  Are the winters long?  Do you own lots of sweaters and heavier clothing? Then you need a place to store sweaters and heavier clothing off season – try space bags. You can fit 10 or more sweaters in a space bag leaving the closet area open for other items.   During the winter take the sweaters out of the space bags and store them on shelves stacked above your closet rods for convenience.

Shoe Collection

Shoes thrown all over the closet floor not only decreases the life of the shoes but also take up needed space. There are many inexpensive shoe storage solutions on the market that keep your shoes right there when you need them and in good shape. The choice of organizer depends on your taste and budget.


Shelving, baskets and bins are available in many sizes and shapes.  These are best used for sweaters, folded clothing, and accessories.  They guarantee you won’t spend hours looking for items when you need them.  Specialty closet organization items like tie racks and belt racks can be added on for ultimate organization.  A simple and cheap item for use is a door hook.  Hanging purses, coats, backpacks, hats and such will keep those items from ending up on the floor or taking up space in your closet.

It is even possible to work on closet organization one step at a time.  Once you have completed the project, it will be a great benefit to you.

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