Cardboard Boxes for Moving

by Concierge Matcher on April 12, 2011

cardboard boxesCardboard boxes come in many versions, styles and sizes. Major distinction between them is their designed purpose. Often they are representatives of one of two varieties – shipping and moving boxes. The latter can be also seen as removal boxes and this suggests lighter use around the home or the office.


Both shipping and moving boxes are made of cardboard which is just a generic name for corrugated fiberboard. Paperboard is a type of thick paper and includes a larger category of items where containerboard is one of the members. Containerboard is important as it is the building block of corrugated fiberboard and is normally measured in linear meters or square meters. Containerboard should have a weight of above two hundred grams per square meter. It is the material which builds all three elements of a cardboard sandwich – inside layer, corrugated medium and outside printed liner. The combination of these three can be repeated if further strength is needed due to product requirements.


Both new and used cardboard boxes are appropriate to be used for moving or shipping. This is providing used boxes are in acceptable condition for shipping. Moving boxes also can have removable lids or other parts, label placement area, hand holes etc. Since the amount of recycled paper in the US is nearly three quarters of the manufactured paper, using new boxes for shipping is recommended – they will get recycled anyways. It is important that load specification is matched up with the box design in terms of weight to avoid problems. In addition, while using shipping boxes for moving could be possible and it is a nice way to put the boxes to better and more use, using moving boxes for shipping is not recommended. Problem is that moving cardboard boxes have some of the aforementioned characteristics which make them unsuitable for shipping – they are fine to store stuff and organize space. An example here would be using bankers storage boxes and trying to wrap as much packing tape around them to convert them into parcels. The lid would always be prone to coming off making the whole shipment unstable.





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