Building A Luxury Log Home

by Concierge Matcher on November 10, 2010

luxury log homeBuilding a luxury log home can be a huge step for a future homeowner, but with some simple planning things can be made easier. A home owner can never ask too many questions, probe into an idea too far, or expect his supplier and builder to know too much. They are there for the homeowner and part of their job is to supply outstanding customer service.

From the very beginning log home owners must understand that two factors are going to extend the construction time from blueprints to turning the key and moving in over the time required to build a standard construction home. A stick frame home can be started as soon as the foundation work is complete. With a handcrafted log home there is at least three months of lead time before the log home package even arrives at the job site. What are they doing during this time? The log home manufacturer is building the shell. Logs must be selected, hand peeled, chosen for placement, and then hand scribed to fit into the log home shell. Also handcrafted log trusses, beams, and posts must be custom fit into the home.

The vast majority of log homes that are over about 2500 square feet here in the North Western United States are large handcrafted log homes. When someone is looking for something a little bit different, more unique, and of the highest craftsmanship, then a handcrafted log home is the best choice. Milled log homes are fine, but they lack the varied diameters, long wall log lengths, hand peeling, and other features that make the handcrafts so unique.

First a floor plan must be chosen for the luxury log home. Details must be worked out and any modifications to the plans made. By this point the homeowner should have already selected a log home supplier and representative to work with. Once fine details are being discussed a homeowner should go ahead and sigh a contract with the log home company so that the final construction drawings can be made and the price locked in on the log home package.

After about six to eight weeks the drawings are totally finished, from both the log home companies side and the homeowners side. Then the crafting of the home begins. Log homes are very unique and require more time and attention as we mentioned above. Lead time on the construction of the handcrafted log home shell can vary from at least 12 weeks up to 16 or more depending on the size and complexity of the home. As the home it built it is exciting to see the progress photos from each week.

After the shell is ready then it is shipped to the homeowner. The log home builder erecting the dry in package should already have the basement and sub floor ready to stack the logs onto when the logs arrive.

The stacking of the logs may only require a few days. Then the full dry in of the luxury log home can take four months or more. Things such as weather, quality of the log home package, and the size of the home all will play a role in dictating how fast the dry in process proceeds.

Overall from start to finish building a luxury log home can easily take a year. Many banks that are familiar with log home construction understand this factor and allow longer building periods with in construction loans.

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