Brazilian Teak Flooring Facts

by Concierge Matcher on November 12, 2010

Here are several fun and interesting facts that you should know about Brazilian teak flooring.
Different Uses
This type of plank hardwood flooring is not only used for flooring at home. It also possesses the beauty and durability required for making veneers and furniture. And are you aware that Brazilian teak flooring is also one of the more popular wood species used in the shipping and marine industry.
Anti-Mopping Policy
What do you do if someone spills something on the floor? Whether the liquid spilled is water or something else doesn’t matter. You mustn’t use mops. If you have to, make sure it’s dry. But the best thing you can do is to use a slightly wet towel – or dry even – to wipe away spills. But if all you have is a mop then use it by all means; just make sure it’s completely dry! A wet mop can cause huge damage to your flooring such as dulling and discoloration.
If you have a wax finish for your floor then certainly, you can use wax cleaning products to polish your floor. For buffing, you can make your job easier and better by purchasing a buffer. Avoid over-waxing however. Start buffing if all your efforts only result into dulling. When cleaning areas under furniture, be sure to check the floor afterwards for any signs of wax buildup. As for light traffic areas , make sure you wax every other time. If, however, your home’s Brazilian teak flooring doesn’t have a wax finish then please don’t use any wax-based cleaning product.
All kinds of furniture can damage your floor no matter what they’re made of. But there are things you can do to prevent or at least limit the damage it’s causing. You can place rugs and mats under it. You can also use fabric or plastic glides for the legs of your tables and chairs so that they won’t scuff or scratch your home’s Brazilian teak flooring.

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