Black Pillar Candles

by Concierge Matcher on April 9, 2011

Black pillar candlesUsually, we only think of candles when the power is out, and no other light sources are available. But now, with many kinds of candles coming out, like scented candles, colored candles, and candles with different sizes and shapes, candles have evolved from being an emergency source of light, to become beautiful additions to our homes.

Black candles in particular have risen in popularity. They have not been widely used before, as they have been associated with evil, witchcraft and the like. These associations are false, and are far from what black candles really stand for. Black candles mean protection, repelling negativity and negating bad vibes.

Black pillar candles are best used in a living room setting. Since these candles are tall and wide (usually 6 inches in length, 3 inches in diameter), They exude a strong presence in your living room. These candles can provide illumination for hours, and if scented can give those within the vicinity a long lasting, pleasant smell that is both calming and relaxing.

Want a more unique look with candles? Then black floating candles are for you. As the name implies, these candles float on the water, making them look different. You can use these candles as a centerpiece for a romantic dinner. Get a bowl half filled with water, put a few floating candles and maybe you can add a few stones, or maybe a few rose petals. Or to really set a romantic mood, if you have a pool or a pond, you can float a few of these candles, and add in a few flower petals to achieve that romantic effect. The possibilities are endless

Black pillar candles and floating candles are perfect for decorating your homes. They offer a different, unique alternative to the usual flowers, furniture or figurines that you use to make your homes look beautiful.

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