Black Floor Lamp – Let the light brighten your room

by Concierge Matcher on November 1, 2010

Black Floor LampA black floor lamp is a subset of floor lamps in that there is no difference between them except for the color. The black lamp should not be confused with black lights, they are totally different. A black lamp is a lamp that is black in color, while black lights are bulbs that emit light in the ultra violet frequency and are thus invisible to us. It is just that these black lights make fluorescent objects glow and thus give that eerie look.

The floor lamp is a lamp that is not mounted anywhere, it comes with a stand that is above head height and the lamp will be placed on top. If this description makes you think of street lamps, you will be partly right in the sense that it looks like these lamps have been inspired by them. This is where the similarity stops; they are as different from each other as a thoroughbred is from a mustang. These lamps are the latest in interior lighting systems and use cutting edge technology while still following a simplistic style in design.

The black floor lamps are especially good looking because the black melds really well against any background, surprisingly even against a white or a light colored one. In fact unless you have the lamp within a few feet of the wall, your eyes do not connect them together, taking them in instead as a piece of furniture. There are a number of designs that these lamps come in starting from ones that look like gigantic table lamps to ones that are funky new themes. In fact there are lamps that have up to five lights in one stand and others that have the light pointing upwards so that the room is lit from the backwash from the ceiling.

When you look at the price, these lamps are a little on the expensive side, although they are well worth the price. In fact if you get one with a dimmer switch, you will probably be making redundant a number of other light fixtures because all your lighting needs can and will be served by just this one light. Go online and check out the different models that are available and then see if you aren’t hooked or not.

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