Best Permanent Hair Removal Product

by Concierge Matcher on March 29, 2011

best permanent hair removal productWhen you choose the best permanent hair removal product, the price tag can decide everything. The cost of both methods depends on area to be treated, skin type, number of session to complete the treatment, season and clinic location.

Electrolysis can cost less in terms of the session price, but normally it takes longer than laser treatment to complete the process, especially on large areas. So, it can be that laser hair treatment is cheaper in a long run, if you plan to remove your hair on a large area. In case you will be able to get a professional electrolysis machine for sale, the effect of the treatment will be much better and faster, but these machines are pretty costly.

Any Side Effects?

After the electrolysis treatment you need to take care of your skin. Usually the main difficulties come not during the treatment itself but rather in the after-treatment period when patients do not take care of their skin properly. Of course, if the process is done improperly, the possibility of side effects is there, but they can be overcome by proper care.

Is It Effective?

Electrolysis is an old process, and laser hair removing is a more contemporary one. While these processes called permanent, we should understand that this is not the fact. Yet, they give very long lasting results and normally worth the money spent on them.

How Many Sessions Required?

Basically in electrolysis you will have to undergo more sessions to complete your treatment than in the case of laser hair removal. It is because laser can work faster. Another thing here is that it will also depend on your skin type. If you have a fair-colored skin and dark hair, the process will be easier and faster; for dark skin it is often just the opposite.

Is It Painful?

Actually there almost no pain involved, but you need to be ready for that. Although laser hair removal is a non-invasive procedure, if something done improperly there can be some skin burns. But normally it is almost painless. Electrolysis uses steel needle to penetrate the skin and heat the follicles, so it can be a bit more painful, but usually it is bearable.

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