Benefits of Lawn Aerators on Your Yard

by Concierge Matcher on February 23, 2011

lawn aeratorsIt is recommended for homeowners to perform lawn aeration annually to keep your soil healthy and productive. With the use of lawn aerators, you can successfully do the process and liven up your soil in just a certain amount of time. Just take note some of the needed guidelines when operating one to ensure that you are doing the right thing and you will not hurt yourself and destroy your lawn. To help you even more to be convinced on aerating your lawn, check the list of benefits you can get soil aeration.

  1. Aerating your lawn will give the nutrients the freedom of easily passing through the ground underneath with the aid of the holes and hollow spaces aeration gives. This one will also lessen the cost of your watering system since the roots of the plants are now accessible for nutrients and water to absorb. There’s more! The flow of oxygen also increases as you aerate your lawn. This can widely help for the roots to grow beneath.
  2. The time you aerate your lawn, you will give your soil and your plants to have their break after a long stressful year of experiencing weather changes of excessive heat and rain fall. Renewal of the soil’s healthiness is granted the moment you do the process.
  3. After lawn aeration is the best time for anyone to do the process of seeding. However when you do the seeding make sure to properly place the seeds on the holes produced by aeration to assure a proper and uniform growth to each and every one of them. Seeding is advised right after you have aerated to lawn for the seeds to grow better because it can have a direct access with the nutrients, fertilizers and water you will provide on the duration of the process.

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