Benefits And Options For Teak Flooring

by Concierge Matcher on February 16, 2011

Teak flooringTeak hardwood flooring is an appealing flooring option. The teak tree is commonly found in southeastern regions of Asia. While originally a wild species, increased demand has led to the establishment of teak growing plantations to provide a steady supply of teak wood.

Teak flooring is expensive, but many people prefer it for the stylish elegance the teak provides. Teak has some specific advantages and benefits:

Appearance and Color Variation – Teak flooring is gorgeous. The natural color variations of gold, yellow and dark brown create a stunning impression, especially if installed and finished properly.

Durability – Harder woods make more durable floors and teak wood scores high on the Janka hardness scale. Although teak hardwood flooring is normally used indoors, the makeup of the wood makes it weather resistant and able to withstand temperature changes without degrading. Insects and fungus do not seem to be able to penetrate this hard and versatile wood.

Lifespan and Maintenance – The long wearing teak can add charm to a home for decades making it economical in the long run even if the initial cost is higher than other flooring.

Value – The combination of lovely appearance, durability and little need for replacement makes teak hardwood flooring a great value for a home owner and can substantially add to the resale value even after many years.

One of the most popular teak varieties today is Brazilian teak wood, or Cumaru. This Brazilian teak flooring shares the characteristics of other teak species and has become much sought after in recent years.

Advancements in flooring techniques have made it possible for people to use teak laminate flooring as a less expensive alternative to full teak flooring. The laminate appearance is very similar to that of full board teak flooring. When properly installed and maintained teak laminate flooring can last as long as teak hardwood flooring and provide the same elegance and durability.

Attractive, long wearing flooring is highly prized in any building. Teak can be a good option whether you wish to spend the money for authentic teak hardwood flooring or if you compromise with laminate. Both options can provide you with a durable floor for years to come and add charm and elegance to your room.

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