Backpack Handbags

by Concierge Matcher on March 30, 2011

backpack handbagsWomen’s fashion accessories are moving toward the ever more practical side with the ever so influential backpack. In the past backpacks were predominantly used for hiking and outdoors or for carrying your school books, but his is so untrue a statement in this day and age.

The backpack handbag is on the front line of this hot trend and the versatility of this item makes it one of the most popular backpacks on the market. It can be held along your side by the small handle like loop that is on top or you can ever so casually hand it from one shoulder with both straps held together. A woman that is constantly on the move can wear this backpack in a traditional fashion on her back and still be able to maintain a level of feminine style. The backpack handbag is the ultimate in feminine style. However, these backpacks, however large, are not supposed to be packed full of everything and they are not a substitute for luggage. They are simply designed to be a backpack handbag that can carry your everyday necessities such as your cosmetics, purse, car keys and a few other items. Small backpack handbags are seemingly more popular, but they do come in bigger sizes as well.

For those that carry around a small or even a large laptop computer, small backpacks are not necessarily the best option. Because laptops are kind of bulky, a larger backpack handbag is needed. With a backpack the weight of such a bulky, heavy item can be supported by your shoulders and you will still have enough room for all of your other necessary items. A large backpack handbag can be used as a gym bag and will hold all of your gym clothes and accessories with ease, you can fit your laptop in too, making it possible for you to stop by the gym on your way home from work.

No matter what style of backpack you wish to choose, backpack handbags both small and large are a trend worth getting in on.

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