Affordable And Portable Beach Chairs

by Concierge Matcher on February 16, 2011

portable beach chairsStarted in 1947 Rio Beach chairs and similar products have remained popular with consumers as time has passed. Owned and run by the same family they have achieved their reputation by offering quality goods. They make portable beach chairs, cheap beach chairs and reclining chairs in many sizes, designs and colors at very reasonable prices.

Models can have anywhere from a low to high back. All versions are made to resist rust with aluminum frames. If you are not worried about the cost wooden framed chairs can look nicer. Chair seats are waterproof, dry fast and last for a long time. Rio beach chairs do not weigh much and are easy to carry making them a great pick for not just the beach but anywhere you need portable seating.

Some versions offer up to four positions you can sit back in and headrests with a cushion. If you want some luxury get a seat with a drink holder, pockets for storage or an umbrella or other awning. Some seats even have wheels and an accompanying tote. If you want some extra leg room there are seats that are wider and larger than normal.

There are a lot of ways to find a good Rio Beach chair. Online websites can frequent updates on sales, promotions and other offers. You can easily compares prices and rates from different stores. Oftentimes you can get free shipping with a sufficiently large purchase.

With the variety of portable beach chairs and reclining beach chairs there is something to suit everybody’s needs. A frequently purchased item is a beach package set. This has two chairs that match along with an umbrella. This is great to use at the pool, the beach, your patio, or the park. They are great to use on camping trips or at sports events.

Reclining in a Rio beach chair is a great experience, no matter where you are. When you relax, you want it to be the best experience possible. Find out why so many other people like these chairs and purchase Rio portable beach chairs, cheap beach chairs or reclining chairs today.

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