Advantages of Solar Energy

by Concierge Matcher on April 1, 2011

advantages of solar energyYou might be very familiar with solar power for homes and the advantages of solar energy these days. What about solar hydronics? This brilliant method uses heat transfer through heating water under the powerful heat of the sun thereby producing hot water and heat in spaces, big or small. Solar hydronics is also known as solar thermal. This extraordinary heating system is not just about heating water but also your entire home, and even for commercial and industrial purposes. In residences, this can be seen as an overflowing hot water and a cozy warm room in winter time. In hotel rooms or hospitals, this can be continuous supply of hot water, which can also happen in laundries or farms. In industries, this is an abundant supply of pre-heated water for cooking and steam requirements.

So how does solar hydronics work, you might ask. Reducing electricity for heating water is not just a better alternative but also a way of reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. It’s a great investment and it’s also a way of saving money in the long run. Here’s a brief description about how solar hydronics works.

Using the abundant energy from the sun, solar collectors, fluid tubes and a heavily insulated storage tank, solar hydronic technology is up for the works. The sun’s energy collected heats the tubes where a special fluid is already running and then pumped into heat exchange coils in the fully insulated tank. The coils help heat the water and be stored there for several days even under unfavorable weather conditions. In commercial and industrial purposes, hot water are piped through radiators in different locations throughout the building to give warmth like through pipes under the floor. This can also be turned off once the desired temperature is obtained inside the building. This can also be used for cooling the building.

Such amazing power of heating large volumes of water is something economical and a way of generating clean water for days.

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