Adding Class With a Chandelier

by Concierge Matcher on March 4, 2011

chandelierChandeliers have been giving our homes a touch of class and elegance for several hundred years now and with new technology we have been able to add them to our smaller homes, in smaller rooms like bedrooms and bathrooms. The first chandeliers that were used to very simple wooden racks that hung from the ceilings and supported a number of candles. These chandeliers would have been very large and they really only suited grand hall ways and dining rooms. For many years even the most basic chandeliers would only have been used by the wealthy people. In the 1800s wrought iron and wooden chandeliers started to gain popularity in the American West and would have been a common sight in saloons and hotels.

It wasn’t until quite recently that we began using much lighter materials to make our chandeliers, this allows us to use them in modern housing. Older style chandelier were really heavy so they had to have very strong support. Most ceiling in modern houses will not be able to cope with this weight. Since we now use much lighter woods and metals we can buy a range of styles and different sizes of chandeliers and we don’t have to worry about them bringing our houses down.

We can now use chandeliers in any room we want at home. Our dining rooms have been the traditional place to use chandelier for a number of years because of the nice soft light they give off and because they cast it evenly over the entire room. The modern chandeliers can be used in our living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens with no problem at all. Tiny, miniature chandeliers have started to get popular too, and so have wall mounted chandeliers which act as night lights.

Most good lighting stores will stock a range of different chandeliers, if you look on the internet you will find a massive range to choose from and not only can you buy them but you can research all of the different styles and manufacturers as well.

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