A Striking Art Deco Engagement Ring For All Budgets

by Concierge Matcher on August 12, 2011

feminine engagement ringIf you are looking for a stunning engagement ring without spending a fortune, you will have plenty of choices. One of them is to get a ring with cubic zirconia instead of natural gemstones. Cubic zirconia is a lab created diamond  but can also refer to other gemstones. The advantage of cubic zirconia is not just its lower price but also the fact that it imitates the best properties of the natural gemstones. Therefore you would not get the same quality if you bought a low to medium quality diamond.  Regardless of what some people claim, you have to be an expert to tell apart cubic zirconia from natural diamond. Furthermore if you want an engagement ring that can be worn daily and not kept in a safe, cubic zirconia might be the answer.

If you are looking for a very feminine engagement ring, filigree might be what you are looking for. Very popular in the 19th century it is a type of metalwork that imitates lace and has a wonderful vintage look.  One of the advantages of filigree rings is that as they are so intricate and beautiful they do not require a very large gemstone.  As an alternative if you like anything that is inspired by the past you should also consider an Art Deco engagement ring. This style liked to make bold Art Deco engagement ringstatement therefore it will be a ring with a personality. While an original Art Deco ring will be difficult to find and very expensive, there are many rings inspired by Art Deco still made now suitable for different budgets. You will find these rings in white gold, platinum or silver, if you choose silver try to avoid German silver which, although much stronger than sterling silver, contains nickel and many people develop allergies to this metal.

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